Guided, Self-Paced Learning

Kids learn on their own as they earn badges by completing game-like lessons.

Step-by-Step Success

Lessons are designed to guide kids on a path to earning cool new badges. In each lesson, kids engage with interactive learning modules, mini-games, coding projects, and puzzles.

Interactive Approach

Lessons are designed to guide kids on a path to earning cool new badges. In each lesson, kids engage with interactive learning modules, mini-games, coding projects, and puzzles.

Guided Learning

Kids learn on their own with a guided, hands-on approach that individualizes the learning experience.

Built-in Tutor

Tutorials give step-by-step instructions that teach how to apply coding concepts so kids can complete projects without frustration.

Free Play Mode

After completing a tutorial, kids can experiment with what they’ve built to help them apply the concepts they’ve learned.

Engaging Puzzles

Coding Puzzles

Kids learn and apply coding skills with fun adventures.

Debugging Puzzles

To solve these puzzles, kids are presented with a buggy code snippet to fix.

Independent Game-Building

Step-by-Step Projects

Kids receive a prompt and create games and projects based on the instructions provided.

DIY Projects

Kids apply what they’ve learned and built their unique games.

Fun Challenges

Short quizzes at the end of each lesson ensure an understanding of concepts and automatically assess student mastery. Results appear on the dashboard.

Limitless Creativity

Kids can quickly build whatever they imagine with our suite of intuitive creativity tools.

Visual Programming

Step-by-Step Projects

The drag-and-drop interface makes building games really easy. With over 200 visual blocks that snap into programs, kids can build even the most complex games with ease.

Fun to Learn

Visual programming allows kids to rapidly transform their ideas into actual programs by connecting blocks.

Character Builder

Millions of Characters

Kids personalize their projects with professional-quality, fluidly-animated characters that bring their projects to life. A variety of stunningly realistic preset animations can be applied to an array of all-new characters to inspire imaginative scenes and stories. Make them walk, talk, run, attack, defend, jump, and dance. Mix and match heads, torsos, arms, legs, weapons, outfits, and attachments — the possibilities are endless.

Level Editor

Use the Level Editor to rapidly design multi-level games using themed tile-sets such as clouds, space, jungle, or castle. Drag pre-defined Actors and props to quickly design and play your levels. The “Platformer” category of code blocks can be used to customize the players and levels.

Physics Engine

Build physics games with ease

Create your own versions of games like Angry Birds™ or Tiny Wings™ with ease. Use simple visual blocks to simulate gravity, force, impulse, angular velocity, collisions, and more complex motion and interactions using physics.

Rich Media Gallery

Select media from over 1000+ assets

Choose from thousands of backgrounds, props, characters, and animations that you need for your programs. You can also find sound effects and background music ready to use for your games.

Art Studio

Draw your own custom scalable graphics

Create smooth and scalable graphics in the Art Studio. There are multiple tools for drawing lines, rectangles, and ellipses as well as an extensive library of shapes. Apply gradients, scale and rotate elements, and create fun effects with text fonts. Use advanced path tools to create precision drawings.

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