About Us

SPARK was established by a group of IT professionals, Software Developers, and Teachers who foresee the importance of computer science, and multiple other new literacies needed for our kids in the future. As a result, we decided to get together and created a curriculum that teaches kids about coding, computer science, and robotics.

At SPARK, we want learning to be fun, passionate, deep, authentic, personal, engaging, serious, and relevant. We believe that learning should be based on real-life application, fun, and allowing learners to engage deeply with topics – both their core passions and with new areas to discover and explore. SPARK offers a coding class, robotics, Drone Maneuvering, JavaScript, and Python for kids from that age of 4 – 12.


Our first grand plan is to ensure that Thai kids will eventually catch up with kids in other countries in coding. We also assure that young children in Thailand have an equal chance to learn computer science through being a catalyst for awareness of how important computing is for the Thailand education system.

In School Students
After School Students